An estimated 3.7 million people are citizens of other European Union countries and currently live and work in the United Kingdom – many calling the UK home for years. They work in virtually every private and public sector of the economy, pay taxes, buy and consume the goods sold by local shops, own and rent homes and businesses, educate their children in the local schools, and otherwise participate in British life alongside UK citizens.

UK companies and institutions have come to rely on EU workers for everything from manual labour and skilled trades to engineering and health care. But with the coming end of Freedom of Movement for EU nationals in the UK after Brexit – the relative ease and informality by which EU nationals settle and remain in the UK comes to an end.

Employers in the UK – Protect your business by helping your valued EU employees in the UK preserve and protect their rights to live and work in the UK after Brexit. The UK government has already launched in pilot phase – with full launch March 30th – the EU Settlement Scheme for EU nationals to obtain settled status (permanent residence) in the UK. You can help retain your loyal employees by helping them navigate this new immigration requirement – ensuring their contributions to your business for years to come.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll gain practical knowledge and up-to-date information on:

  • Brexit, the end of Freedom of Movement, and the impact on the rights of EU nationals in the UK;
  • How-to instructions and guidance on using the new online EU Settlement system;
  • Qualifications for Settled versus Pre-Settled status;
  • Application and documentation requirements;
  • How employers can best assist their EU national employees; and
  • Answers to your questions in a live interactive format.

Join our UK immigration experts.

Tony_Butterworth_Newland ChaseNewland Chase’s UK Managing Directors, Tony Butterworth and Darren Faife combine to bring you more than 40 years’ experience and insight into the law and processes of UK immigration. Tony served a seven-year tenure as Executive Officer in the UK government’s Home Office before leaving to pursue his now twenty-year career supporting companies and individuals navigate the complexities of UK immigration.


Darren_Faife_Newland ChaseLikewise, Darren has supported UK and multinational corporations in their foreign workforce needs for more than 20 years. Frequent expert speakers at international industry and professional events, both are highly sought-after strategic advisors on corporate immigration and workforce planning for the UK’s most successful companies – from the largest multinationals to entrepreneurial start-ups in virtually every industry sector.