It is certainly a fascinating time for the global mobility industry. Protectionist and anti-globalization politics is on the rise – resulting in tightening immigration policies in much of the world. While many countries are closing doors to foreign talent – others are opening doors and embracing immigration as a solution to economic and demographic problems. In this Global Town Hall, attendees will receive a mid-2019 business immigration insiders report from VP and Senior Global Immigration Counsel, Jason Rogers, as he examines global trends driving the changes and the challenges and opportunities for companies in numerous countries with changing immigration policies. He will review:

  • EU and UK: Brexit, Posted Workers, Intra-Company Transfers, Social Security, and more;
  • U.S., Mexico, and Canada: Latest on USMCA/NAFTA;
  • Singapore: Increasing minimum salary thresholds and local labor preferences;
  • Canada: Global Skills Strategy and increasing immigration;
  • U.S. and China: Challenges and opportunities in talent and trade; and
  • Japan: Loosening immigration and tightening demographics.

Watch now as we discuss these topics in the fast-evolving world of global corporate immigration.

Jason Rogers 2018_croppedJason L. Rogers, BA JD, is Newland Chase’s Vice President and Senior Global Immigration Counsel. He is responsible for overseeing client immigration programs and providing high level consultation responses. Jason applies his diversified depth of knowledge of corporate immigration to produce complex and innovative immigration solutions that meet the needs of his clients. Jason has been practicing law since 2001 and has spent the past 12 years concentrating in the area of global immigration and corporate compliance.