Enforcement of the Posted Worker Rules is on the rise in the European Union (EU), with EU member states set to implement revised rules and processes under a new EU Directive enacted in July. Increasingly, unannounced workplace inspections and the imposition of fines for late filings of posted worker declarations are becoming the norm in many jurisdictions. 

More than 2 million employees currently working in EU countries other than their primary country of employment fall under the definition of a “posted worker” – creating additional unique legal obligations for their employers. 

Do you know your obligations as an employer?

For posted worker requirements such as:

  • filing notices with labour authorities (both before assignment and in the event of later changes)
  • retaining specific employment documents during and for up to five years after end of the assignment
  • appointing a designated representative to deal with local labour authorities

Watch our on-demand webinar as we give you the vital information all companies operating in the EU need to know now regarding their obligations under the Posted Worker Rules, the coming changes brought by July’s new EU Directive, and practical strategies for keeping your company compliant and avoiding potential negative impacts of the increasing enforcement of these oft-confusing requirements.

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